Originally an actress, debut novelist, D.M. Cameron, is an AWGIE nominated radio dramatist, award winning playwright and celebrated short film writer. Her first novel, ‘Beneath the Mother Tree’ was published by MidnightSun Publishing in 2018. She is currently at work on a second novel and taking notes for a third.


DM Cameron is the author of several produced stage plays, including the award-winning ‘Blame it on the Moon’, ‘The Salt Maiden’ and her critically acclaimed solo work, ‘The Flowering.’ A selection of her scripts and production rights continue to be sold through the Australian Script Centre.

In 2011, Donna was nominated for an AWGIE for her ABC radio play ‘Water Tight.’ Previous to this, three other plays were produced and broadcast by ABC Radio National: ‘The Salt Maiden’, ‘Shopping for Life Forms’ and ‘Bringing Down the Moon’.

Her film script of ‘The Salt Maiden’  (Beverley Callow production) premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, won best screenplay and short film at the Port Stephens Film Festival, and overall winner of the Coasties Film Festival 2015.

She is a recipient of the Australian Writers Guild/ Queensland Theatre Company Mentorship Scheme and twice recipient of the Fresh Ground Scheme at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

A graduate of the NIDA playwright’s studio, she holds a BA in theatre (University of Southern Queensland) and a Masters in Playwriting (Queensland University of Technology).

For many years, Donna has worked with young people to self-devise theatrical works and has been commissioned numerous times for community theatre projects involving young people.

A few years back, a story came to her in the form of a novel. She commenced work on it under a Regional Arts Development Fund grant, which allowed her to work with structural editor Nicola O’Shea.

In 2015 she was selected for a Varuna Litlink residency to further develop what became ‘Beneath the Mother Tree’. The writing of this novel was such a joyous ride, Donna hopes to write novels now for the rest of her days.

‘Beneath the Mother Tree’ was published by MidnightSun in August 2018.


I have been told readers like insights into  author’s lives, so let me share with you here –  I live in an original 1940s seaside cottage beside a national park in what I think is one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

I live with my partner, our son and daughter and four chickens. I love gardening and bushwalking and eating pavlova.

My favourite book as a child was ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, who I  recently discovered was also a playwright.

When I was seven, I dreamt about being a writer and had a fantasy to build a library attached to my parent’s house in suburban Brisbane. My best friend, Jane, who lived next door, loved to draw. We concocted a plan that I would write the story and she would illustrate. We were going to fill the ‘library’ with our books. The first book we created was called ‘The Little Girl and the Ghost.’ However, I was an atrocious speller so it was actually titled – ‘The Litle Gril and the Gohst.’

We were so proud, we ran and showed Jane’s mother, who proceeded to read the book aloud phonetically. We all laughed at the adventures of the ‘gril’ and the ‘gohst’, but I will never forget my heartbreak in that moment. I thought – I can’t be a writer. Everyone will laugh at my spelling.

I never shared this thought with anyone so no one reassured me otherwise, and as it turned out, I went on to become an actor.

It was only when I started writing seriously, in my late twenties, that this memory came flooding back. It made me realise that life works in the most wondrous way, as my acting has and still does, inform and enhance my writing. The only difference being – my laptop is now my audience and my costume is often my pyjamas.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.
Have fun exploring the site!

Donna x