In another life, I am an actor

Apart from out-door performances, television 50 worders, too many corporate videos, several theatre-in-schools tours and numerous T.V advertisements, my favourite place to act has always been the sacred space of the theatre. Please scroll down for a selection of highlights from my time treading the boards. As will become evident, I had a six year break from acting while I had children – this is when the writer in me began to take over.

(Photo above by Bev Jensen)

The truth about Kookaburras

The Truth About Kookaburras

La Boite Theatre. 2012.

‘There’s wit courtesy of the detective characters. Donna Cameron is pleasingly deadpan as the steely Detective Sylvie.’

Peter Taggart. Performing Arts Hub. 11/6/2012

Photos by Brent Lammas

The truth about Kookaburras

The Flowering

‘It’s a fine performance. Cameron is handsomely capable of the challenge of playing multiple characters, and the craft and attention to detail in her movement and vocal characterisation is impressive…Cameron’s performance is gripping…’ 

Ben Eltham. Courier Mail. May 7, 2004

Photos by John Gass.

The Flowering DM Cameron

‘At times the characters vie for the audience’s attention, and the actor Donna Cameron becomes medium to these characters – a challenging and tiring task almost beyond the realm of acting. Cameron’s grasp of characterisation is superb and untiring, exhibiting her acting talent…’ 

 11/May/04 Leah Huxley.  Scene Magazine.

‘At the point of realisation comes perfect trust in the actor to unwind it to our entire satisfaction. And she does. Every character on stage comes alive solely through Cameron’s masterly solo performance…Cameron negotiates the building process and the stage as delicately as a dancer.’

Mary Nemeth. Time Off Magazine. May 2004.


A must-see production.’

Marcus Bower. The Examiner.

‘A theatrical tour-de-force you simply won’t want to miss.’ 

Richard Watts. City Search.

When the World Was Green


‘I loved Cameron’s young Interviewer – a mixture of tenacity, incredulity and vulnerability. Like I said, intriguing.’ 

Carrie Kablean. Daily Telegraph. May, 1998.

DM Cameron
Pity shes a whore - DM Cameron

Tis Pity She’s a Whore

The performances are emphatic, astutely judged and sustained: from Stollery and Cameron as the familial lovers – she, all slow burning determination.’ 

John Ford. Sun Herald. June 1996.

‘There are some remarkable performances. Cameron’s portrayal of Annabella as a naïve innocent is touching and she imbues her character with a quiet dignity.’ 

Carrie Kablean. Daily Telegraph. June 1996.

The Big Funk

The acting is very good – no comic or dramatic chances are missed – Cameron has a fine time with the neurotic, whining and rather strange Jill.’

Stephen Dunne, Syd Morning Herald. Jan 16, 1996.

‘Donna Cameron is brilliant as Jill the neurotic campaigner, becalmed and between elections.’

Anne-Marie Lopez. Jan 1996. On the Street. (Sydney street mag.)

DM Cameron - the Big Funk
DM Cameron

Cold Hands


‘A raw gut slammer. To watch it is to experience shock, revulsion, anger at the story and also great respect and admiration for the finesse of it’s telling. Donna Cameron – as 12 year old Silvia – sad, bewildered, powerless.’

Pamela Payne. Sun Herald. Nov. 1994


‘Some of the most powerful theatre I have experienced…Donna Cameron’s performance as the daughter is brilliant.’

Derek Hand. Nov. On the Street. 1994

Cold Hands by DM Cameron
DM Cameron

The Look


‘A one person show separates a good actor from a great actor. Cameron is superb.’ 

Peter Goers The Advertiser, (Adelaide), Feb 27, 1992.

‘Marilyn Miles, played brilliantly by Donna Cameron. She gives a very strong performance as the often funny, wistful Marilyn.’ 

Melissa Finn. Daily Telegraph. July 1993.

Even though writing is my main pastime now, I love acting. Acting is like writing, when everything comes together in the moment, you fly beyond yourself to inhabit another person and world for a time.