The Bluemoon plays - for children and young people

The Bluemoon plays are perfect for school teachers looking for classroom plays. They range from 20 minutes for lower primary, to 45 minutes for the young adult plays. The average running time is half an hour, with varying and adaptable cast sizes ranging from 8 to 30 young actors. These plays were devised, workshopped and performed by students of the Bluemoon Theatre Company. If you are interested in purchasing any of these scripts, please feel free to contact me and I will send an extract of the script through for your perusal.

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Attack of the Space Pirate

Mixed primary

A space ship full of aliens lands in Medieval England with an aim to gather humans to trade on the intergalactic slave market, but the villagers resist and help incite a mutiny.

Beach Bumble

Lower primary

Set in a national park where the park ranger has his hands full because a pack of domestic animals have been smuggled in. Will he be able to contain the situation before chaos descends? Environmental themes.

The Tale of Lucy Pickles


A feminist satire which follows the life of Lucy Pickles, who, against all odds, becomes an artist in a time when women were not encouraged to have careers, instead they were expected to marry and become mothers.

Black Wing and the Unicorn’s Horns

Lower primary

An evil bat and his nasty sidekicks are on a mission to steal all the unicorn’s horns. With the help of the local fairy population, the unicorns manage to retrieve their horns and teach Black Wing and his gang a lesson.

Code Name Angel Star Purchase at Australian Plays


A modern-day nativity tale. Teenager Maree is still a virgin – she doesn’t know how she became pregnant. Government agents believe it’s an alien implantation and are tracking Maree down in order to kill the baby. Maree’s boyfriend Joe doesn’t know what to think. Maree’s parents want her locked up. As Christmas day fast approaches, Maree is on the run and heavily pregnant and needs to find a safe place to have this baby.

Bobby Pin Grove

Upper primary

The corrupt Mayor of Bobby Pin Grove organises a talent quest to boost tourism in the town. However, the $100,000 dollar prize money causes more trouble than it is worth.

The Burger Haven Bust Up

Upper primary

Set in a future where take away food chain, Burger Haven, rules the market. A motley group of buskers and disenfranchised employees take on the economic giant.

Television Trespass

Upper primary/Lower secondary

A dysfunctional suburban family is invaded by a gang of TV characters. Will the family manage to lay their differences aside to pull together and teleport the volatile animated characters back into the TV before they kill someone?

The Wayward Fifties

Secondary, mainly female cast

A poignant examination of unwanted teenage pregnancies in the 1950s.

The Necklace

Mixed primary

A powerful necklace with nightmare qualities, belonging to Orga from the kingdom of the Storm Princess, ends up in the human realm. Will Orga and his associates rescue his necklace before it destroys humanity?

The Sunnyside Up Circus

Mixed primary

A troupe of child circus performers are infiltrated by an undercover cop and a group of parents desperate to find their missing children.

Asylum Seeking


An undercover journalist infiltrates an Australian high school which has been selected to integrate newly released asylum seekers. The journalist’s mission is to record their emotional journey and to discover how racist the young people of Australia really are.

The Tomb of Doom

Upper primary

A tour group of celebrities and their tour guides become accidentally trapped in an ancient Egyptian tomb full of resurrected ancient mummies who need energy from living human beings to stay alive, escape the tomb and take over the world.

Trick or Treat

Mixed primary

A gang of trick or treating children become trapped by a mad professor and his menagerie of failed experiments. Will a children’s spy agency be able to save the day or will they too become the professor’s victims?

The Freaky Fractured Fairy-tale


Ken and Barbie decide to create their own fairy-tale by hijacking some other well-known fairy-tales, with hilarious results.

The Super-Duper Hero


A group of super heroes gather to compete for the coveted title of Super-Duper Hero, but even super heroes can be corrupted.

Underwater Exile

Mixed primary

Set underwater in the Bermuda Triangle, aliens, in the guise of sea creatures, use their extra-terrestrial technology to crash passing planes. They then turn the surviving passengers into sea creatures and force them to collect a rare sea weed which is vital fuel for their alien planet… that is, until they are discovered, and the humanoid sea creatures start to fight back.

Camp Kookaburra

Upper primary/lower secondary

A group of diverse young people are thrown together on a holiday camp. During a bushwalk, they become lost and are forced to work together to survive the night. This also forces them to confront their own prejudices and narrow mindedness. Deals with issues of bullying and tolerance.

City of the Dead

Upper primary/lower secondary

A demon manages to infiltrate purgatory. The souls trapped in purgatory manage to escape the demon with the help of an undercover demon hunter.

The Flower Pageant


A flower beauty pageant is infiltrated by a high-performance drug-pushing Weed, with disastrous consequences.

Showdown at Wattle Tree Creek

Upper primary/lower secondary

When the small township of Wattle Tree Creek runs a cow girl competition, they have no idea it will be infiltrated by cowboys dressed as cowgirls and a gang of female bushrangers.

School Survivor

Upper primary/lower secondary

A new reality TV show is launched. A mixture between Survivor and Big Brother, set in a school. What could possibly go wrong?

Ravin’ in Fairy Haven


A group of nursery rhyme characters sneak into Fairy Haven to try and rescue their fellow nursery rhymes who have been corrupted by fairies and have fallen into a drugged and drunken state. Deals with substance abuse issues.