The Rewilding

‘A breathless chase thriller with a warm ecological heart.’ Inga Simpson

‘Fiction at its rebellious, fast-paced best with hope as its touchstone, making The Rewilding an urgent novel for our times.’ Sally Piper

‘A genre-bending page-turner from an author of the highest calibre: Cameron’s writing is rich, evocative and comes straight from the heart.’ Anna Downes

The Rewilding begins in the glittering city of Sydney, accelerating through the diverse landscapes of Australia before its heart-stopping climax in the northern outback.

Heartbroken and in fear for his life, corporate whistle blower, Jagger Eckerman, escapes to hide out in a remote cave – a precious childhood memory of a place. Kick-arse radical – Nia Moretti – is furious a ‘capitalist suit’ has taken over her cave. It is hatred at first sight.

Yet Nia is hiding for reasons of her own, ones that drag Jagger closer to death as they are forced on the run together and he is unwittingly pulled deeper into Nia’s reckless mission to help save the planet. But who can save Jagger from the relentless pursuit of the man who wants him dead?



Wild woman with wind in her hair

What people are saying...

‘Stretching the creative potential of this novel to its glorious limits…this punchy novel hits the ground running, then barrels forward with an urgent momentum that never lets up. Cameron’s efficient present tense prose delivers a unique blend of fast-paced action and crystalline observation, with each sentence a perfectly crafted and frequently startling image.’ The Weekend Australian. (Cheryl Akle) 

‘I absolutely devoured this compelling environmental thriller…I loved the dialogue and the quirky humour…There are moments of hilarity, ridiculousness and fun amidst the seriousness of the overall situation, and these light-hearted sections allow the reader space…A well-written book that asks some big questions about humans, the world we live in, how we are to survive it, and whether we will even survive our own actions.’ Cass Moriarty

‘This fabulous book is…fast paced, genre-bending, thrilling and evocative, with a profound awareness of the precariousness of this world…a propulsive read filled with great subtlety and heart.’ Lucy Treloar

‘The book’s deep reverence for nature and its unshakeable hope for our collective future will appeal to readers of Kate Mildenhall and Laura Jean McKay.’ Books+Publishing

‘Donna M Cameron’s second novel is important, topical, and thought provoking, but definitely not without humour. 5 stars.’ Cloggiedownunder. (Top Australian Good Reads reviewer/blogger).

‘At one level, this novel is an exciting adventure story that takes place in present day Australia…Very satisfying stuff. At another level, Donna M Cameron has taken this novel further…this contribution to the climate debate, however palatably delivered in novel form, is a welcome addition to the voices clamouring for reform.’ Erich Mayer. Arts Hub.

‘A gorgeous, poetic novel…I enjoyed the language of this novel more than anything – some of the phrases were so elegant I really lingered over them, and as someone who often skips over paragraphs in favour of getting to the action, this was no small deal for me. I just really loved the feeling these words invoked. Highly recommend.’ Feathers of Icarus. (Blogger/GR reviewer) 

‘You need to strap yourself in for one of the most  unusual road trips in contemporary Australian writing. Dramatic plot twists are in store…yet Cameron’s work is anything but one-dimensional…A genre-bending chase thriller with a conscience gives us thrills and a bit of hope in the face of pending ecological disaster.’ In Review. Ken Haley

‘The Rewilding is a novel which succeeds on more than one level – it is a beautifully rendered love story but one coupled with an exciting and tense thriller with a nail-biting car chase.  Overall, it is a novel to be savoured – well recommended.’ Queensland Reviewers Collective (Rod Mclary)

‘Donna M Cameron’s terrific new novel…The Rewilding is a genre-bending rom-com chase-thriller road novel which explores the possibility of optimism when it comes to tackling climate change…This is not a book to read at bedtime. Ooh no, much too exciting for that!’ ANZ LitLovers

‘It is equal parts thrilling and insightful, provoking thought in the reader …Filled with hope and humour, it tackles the climate crisis with nuance…A great novel from a local author.’ The Book Muse 

The rewilding is an unusual mix of genres: thriller, climate treatise, myth, quest, hate-to-love romance; but it absolutely works, and the action holds the reader’s interest until the end… Highly recommended.’ ReadPlus. Helen Eddy

‘This book was surprisingly intriguing and I couldn’t put it down! The story is beautifully written and descriptive yet fast paced…There’s plenty of tension and excitement throughout along with black humour…This is a must read!! So topical, set in Australia and executed in such a clever way.Ms G’s Bookshelf 


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1. Divest – (don’t forget to tell them why you are leaving).


Compare Bank Table – Market Forces


Super funds comparison table – Market Forces

Power company – (some coal-based companies have a 100% green option…but do your research).

Renewable Energy Companies Australia: 2023 Green Electricity Guide (

Who is the Greenest Energy Provider in Australia? | Finder


Australia’s green insurers | Finder

Green insurance: ethical insurers in Australia (

2. Reduce consumption. (Be mindful).

Buy second-hand (except for whitegoods – then buy highest energy/water rating).

Do you really need it? Each new item adds to the carbon footprint.

Don’t support the disposable fashion industry. (Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, dries up water sources, pollutes rivers. 85% ends up as landfill).

3. Food choices.

Grow your own/ buy local/ buy at local farmer’s market/ reduce meat and dairy consumption/ support local regenerative farmers/ buy organic whole foods (the more processed, the more emissions).

Rachel’s Farm – Take Action • Regenerators (

4. Avoid buying palm oil products (or buy sustainable label) – also known as… 

Elaeis guineensis/ Etyl palmitate / Glyceryl/ Hydrogenated palm glycerides / Octyl palmitate / Palm fruit oil / Palm kernel / Palm kernel oil / Palm stearine / Palmate / Palmitate / Palmitic acid / Palmitoyl oxostearamide / Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3 / Palmityl alcohol / Palmolein / Sodium kernelate / Sodium laureth sulfate / Sodium lauryl /actylate/sulphate / Sodium lauryl sulfate / Sodium palm kernelate / Stearate / Stearic acid / Vegetable fat / Vegetable oil

25 Sneaky Names for Palm Oil (

5. Offset your plane travel (if you must fly), by donating to your favourite not-for-profit organisation.

Offset your carbon emissions | Greenfleet

5 environmental charities in ANZ that you can support (

Ways to Support WWF | Pages | WWF (

Give to high-impact climate nonprofits | Giving Green

Climate Justice | Oxfam Australia

Australian Conservation Foundation (

Greenpeace Australia Pacific 

Bob Brown Foundation – Action for Earth

Médecins Sans Frontières Australia | Doctors Without Borders | International Medical Humanitarian Aid | Australian Charity (

(There are more…these are just some I found).



6. Reduce Waste.

Recycle/ eat leftovers/ compost/ worm farm/ avoid single use soft plastic / contact your council to find out where you can recycle soft plastics /Donate clothes, furniture / use libraries / local swaps /Each state’s EPA site is a wealth of info.

Community Recycling Centres (

7. Transport.

Work from home if possible/ ride or walk/ e-scoot/e-bike / support public transport/ carpool/ buy second-hand hybrid or EV, car converter kits and suppliers –

Electric EV Car Conversion Kits | EVolution Australia

Electric Car Conversions – Australian Electric Vehicle Specialists (

Electric Conversions | Oz Diy Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Conversion Australia: A DIY Guide to EV Conversions | CarsGuide

8. Power – be mindful.

Turn lights off/ and any implement that passively pulls power / wise use of air-conditioning/ heating / look at alternative forms of cooling/heating / improve insulation / avoid the use of clothes dryers, air-fryers, pools / use LED lighting /laptops instead of desktops / keep email box clean / avoid sending data where possible (i.e. cut down on the cute kitten memes).

9. Plant trees. Get active with your local bush care group. No time? Donate instead –

Plant a Tree for Me | FNPW

17 Tree Planting Tools for Your Yard or Community – Daybring

Donate (

Donate (

10. Get active in your community.

Educate/spread the word/ sign those petitions/ march in those rallies/ some examples of community groups in Australia (start your own) –

Members – C4CE

Electrify 2515

Totally Renewable Yackandandah

Electrify Bouddi – Community Energy Project NSW

Don’t judge. Be kind. 😊x