The Rewilding

Release date 1st March 2024

Published by Transit Lounge

The Rewilding begins in the glittering city of Sydney, accelerating through the diverse landscapes of Australia before its heart-stopping climax in the northern outback.

Heartbroken and in fear for his life, corporate whistle blower, Jagger Eckerman, escapes to hide out in a remote cave – a precious childhood memory of a place. Kick-arse radical – Nia Moretti – is furious a ‘capitalist suit’ has taken over her cave. It is hatred at first sight.

Yet Nia is hiding for reasons of her own, ones that drag Jagger closer to death as they are forced on the run together and he is unwittingly pulled deeper into Nia’s reckless mission to help save the planet. But who can save Jagger from the relentless pursuit of the man who wants him dead?



Wild woman with wind in her hair

Coming March 2024!



‘Fiction at its rebellious, fast-paced best with hope as its touchstone, making The Rewilding an urgent novel for our times.’ Sally Piper, author of Bone Memories


‘A genre-bending page-turner from an author of the highest calibre: Cameron’s writing is rich, evocative and comes straight from the heart.’ Anna Downes, author of The Safe Place


‘A breathless chase thriller with a warm ecological heart.’
Inga Simpson, author of The Last Woman in the World